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2012 Classes Have Begun
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Are you interested in attending
evening classes at Masters Training Institue? Please make plans now to†attend classes in September 2012.

For more information about the course offerings, please visit the links below:

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The Registration Fee is $20.
The Class Fee is about $70 a course for credit, and $65 for auditing the course.

Textbook costs vary according to the course but can often be purchased through various online sources such as or


Admission to Masters Training Institue is granted to those who meet the admissions requirements, without regard to race, color, or national origin. Applying to our school must be on forms provided by the Office of Admissions from MTI. You may obtain these forms below or by contacting us.


Because of the purpose and objectives of MTI, it is necessary that each student have born-again salvation experience and display a life dedicated to Christ. It is desirable for applicants to have been involved in a local church body for a minimum of six months before application to MTI. Applicants must give evidence of a sound moral character and a willingness to live in harmony with the standards and ideals of MTI.


All courses carry a three-credit status. For periodic instruction, each class will consist of 12 two-hour classes. (I.e., each class will consist of 24 hours of instruction over a 12-week quarter). Certain courses may be given at a seminar level, in which the instruction is concentrated into a shorter time frame (e.g., 3 eight-hour sessions, etc.). Any of MTIís courses may be taken at three different personal levels of commitment:

Audit: Students can take classes with no other educational prerequisites. Students who audit classes will gain the benefit of all the instruction but not be held accountable for homework or class projects.

Certificate of Biblical Studies: Students may enroll for our 12-course certificate program (C. B. S.) that gives a broad exposure to biblical content and Christian theology. There are no educational prerequisites for the certificate program.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies: The Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B. B. S.) program requires the student to have a high school diploma, GED equivalent or other evidence of high school completion. The Bachelorís program will consist of 144 credits of instruction (48 courses).


MTI offers 12-week courses on a weekly basis as follows (exact schedules will be available by contacting MTI directly or by online schedule postings).


Courses are offered at our sponsoring church location, Tomah Baptist Church (in Tomah, Wisconsin). Address and directions are noted through their site.

1701 Hollister Avenue Tomah, WI 54660
Call: (608) 372-2071 or Contact Us
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